ISO14443 read-write module

ISO14443 read-write module

Product introduction: 

MIRWHF002 module is a small module antenna separation IC card reading and writing module based on 13.56MHz non-contact technology. The ARM core processor has the advantages of small size, low power consumption and simple secondary development. Commonly used in flat panels, PDAs, mobile phones, car rearview mirrors and other equipment.

Product features:

Optional antennas of different sizes can read smart cards up to 30mm or more (depending on the type of smart card)

Class A non-connected smart card supporting ISO14443

User controllable LED and buzzer

Development and supply of communication protocols, DEMO software source code under Windows and Android systems

Technical Parameters:

Working frequency: 13.56MHz

Communication interface: UART (TTL)

Working voltage: DC3.3V

Working current: up to 60mA

Quiescent current: 1mA

Size: 27mm*19mm*2.8mm half-hole patch package

Standard antenna: 40mm*30mm

Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ +50 ° C

Support standard: ISO14443A

Support card: MF1 S50, MF1 S70, Ultralight, Ultralight C

ISO14443 read-write module
ISO14443 read-write module
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ISO14443 read-write module


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