Stick animal e-tag reader

  • Product Model: MILFR004
  • Protocol: ISO 11784/5 FDX-B,HDX,ID64, ISO 14443-A
  • Colors: Black
  • Application filed: Pigeon,cow,goat

  • Parameters
  • Product Model: MILFR004
  • Protocol: ISO 11784/5 FDX-B,HDX,ID64, ISO 14443-A
  • Colors: Black
  • Application filed: Pigeon,cow,goat

Product instructions

Key function introduction

Switch and wake up button, long press this button to turn on or off the scanning bar; 15 seconds no operation, the reader enters standby, press this button to wake up;

SCAN: key for scanning electronic labels;

OK: OK: OK, confirm the operation options in the menu interface or return to the menu interface;

<< >>: menu polling key, scroll up, scroll down;

FN: function expansion key, reserved, temporarily not used;

Figure: reserved, temporarily not used.


1. Please use high quality alkaline battery;

2. Replace the battery within 1 minute in case of loss of system time.

Press "<<" or ">>" to move up and down the selection menu item, and press OK to save and confirm or return.

1. Record and query: search and scan label records;

2. System Settings: configure system parameters, as shown below;

U sound setting: setting whether there is an audio prompt for key operation, the default is on;

U bluetooth Settings: set whether the bluetooth function module is enabled or not;

U power management: set the waiting time of the readout when it is not operated;

U time setting: press scan to switch the options of "year-month-day" and "time-minute-second", and adjust them by "<<" or ">>", and press OK to save the corresponding Settings;

U system upgrade: equipment software upgrade, if necessary, please operate under the guidance of the equipment supplier;

3. Equipment information: display the equipment code number and software version number of the equipment, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment by the supplier.

Technical parameters

Parameters Option:Excelio
Power:Four AA batteries
Working frequency:125KHz/134.2KHZ/13.56MHz
Communciation Interface:USB,Bluetooth,Wifi(Option)
Screen:128*64 OLED 
Systme clock,Buzzer:Buid-in
Storage:more than 10,000 records
Protocol:ISO 11784/5 FDX-B,HDX,ID64, ISO  14443-A
Operation Language:English or Chinese
USB Cable
Warrently:1 year

Stick animal e-tag reader
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Stick animal e-tag reader


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