UHF Reader&writer device

Product Model: KMRUHF001

Product Introduction:

KMRUHF001 is a high-performance UHF frequency band ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2), ISO18000-6B multi-protocol electronic tag reader, completely independent intellectual property design, combined with proprietary high-efficiency electronic tag collision processing algorithm, keeps high At the same time of reading rate, it realizes fast reading and writing of electronic tags, and can be widely used in various radio frequency identification (RFID) systems such as logistics, personal identification, intelligent parking lot, access control system, anti-counterfeiting system and production process control.

Standard product: one KMRUHF001, one USB cable.


  1.  Complete independent intellectual property design;
  2.  Fully support UHF EPC Gen2 (ISO18000-6C), ISO18000-6B protocol electronic label;
  3. Advanced label collision processing algorithm with high reading rate;
  4. Operating frequency FCC 902 ~ 928MHz, CE 865 ~ 868MHz (can be adjusted according to different countries or regions)
  5.  Work in broad spectrum frequency hopping (FHSS) or fixed frequency transmission mode;
  6. Output power: up to 10dBm (adjustable);
  7. Built-in transceiver antenna, read distance >180mm, write distance >80mm*
  8. The USB interface is powered off and no external power supply is required.
  9. Support USB1.1 interface, virtual serial port working mode, USB no-drive mode and USB no-drive emulation keyboard mode optional;
  10. The output format and parameters in the simulated keyboard mode can be customized;
  11. Slim shape design;
  12. Provide dynamic link library (DLL) to support secondary development.
  13. Dimension: 105mmx70mmx11mm
  14. N.W: 80g

* Effective distance is related to protocol format, electronic label and working environment.

UHF Reader&writer device
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