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Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is auto identification and data capture (AIDC) technology, which uses radio-frequency waves to wirelessly transfer data between an interrogator/reader and movable or stationary items to identify, categorize and track them. RFID tracking technology is used for automatically identifying, counting or tracking objects and/or people. Usually some type of identifying number is attached to the object of interest. Information about that object is stored and retrieved from a database. At Mima, Co.,Ltd, we have trained RFID specialists that can help you build a passive or active RFID tracking solution.

We carry a comprehensive line  as below.

1.RFID scanners, handheld readers

2.fixed readers



5.Industry tags, Pcb anti-metal tags, Livestock tags,Door control accessory etc.


1.Near 100% inventory accuracy
2.Near 100% order and shipping accuracy
3.Reduced out-of-stocks by up to 85%
4.Reduced inventory carrying costs by up to 70%
5.Reduced labor costs by as much as 45%
6.Up to 80% faster order processing

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