NFC Anti-counterfeiting solution for Jewelry

              NFC Anti-counterfeiting solution for Jewelry                           

I. The background of Project

In recent years, many people have set their sights on jewellery. They believe that jewellery can not only maintain its value, but also be used as ornaments without loss. As everyone knows, due to the desire of some merchants, fake and inferior jewelry floods the market. At present, most consumers do not have the ability to identify the authenticity and quality of jewelry. This is inherently weak on both the buyer and the seller. And this kind of disadvantage cannot be changed in a short time. Our jewelry knowledge promotion is limited, and it is impossible to reach the period when all people understand jewelry. In order to prevent counterfeiting, jewelry companies usually issue appraisal certificates for jewellery, but at present there are even counterfeit appraisal certificates, which undoubtedly makes it more difficult for consumers to buy genuine jewelry.

In response to the current anti-counterfeiting status of jewelry manufacturers, MIMA has created an anti-counterfeiting solution based on NFC technology for jewelry manufacturers to ensure that each piece of jewelry has a unique "identity card"-an NFC anti-counterfeiting label. Android phone can check the authenticity of jewelry. Currently Remy Martin and Moutai both use NFC anti-counterfeiting technology.

Scheme introduction

The NFC anti-counterfeiting query system developed by MIMA Technology is a new generation of third-party IoT anti-counterfeiting platform integrating cloud computing, cloud storage, NFC and mobile Internet. Ruifengde NFC anti-counterfeiting query system is mainly composed of 4 parts: NFC anti-counterfeiting tag, NFC reader, data center, mobile phone APP.

1. NFC anti-counterfeiting tags, each tag has a globally unique chip serial number and cannot be copied. NFC anti-counterfeiting labels are affixed to the sealing of jewelry packaging to prevent transfer and be destroyed after use;

2. NFC reader, jewelry manufacturers log in to the PC to operate the background, connect the NFC reader, and write the relevant information of the jewelry to the NFC anti-counterfeiting tag;

3. The data center stores all kinds of product information. When querying the authenticity of the product through the APP on the mobile phone, you can read the product information in the NFC anti-counterfeiting label;

4. Mobile phone APP, as a channel connecting the data center and NFC anti-counterfeiting label, gives the end consumer a new anti-counterfeiting query experience: mobile phone (android phone with NFC function) opens the NFC anti-counterfeiting query APP, connects to the network, and is near the NFC anti-counterfeiting Labeled jewelry, you can immediately know the authenticity of jewelry.

Solution advantages

1. Uniqueness of NFC anti-counterfeiting tags. Each NFC anti-counterfeiting tag provided by MIMA Technology has a globally unique serial number, and the information written into the tag uses advanced dynamic digital encryption technology, and the tag information cannot be copied. In addition, the NFC anti-counterfeiting tag uses fragile materials to ensure that the tag cannot be transferred;

2. Convenient security check. The anti-counterfeiting query system based on NFC technology makes the anti-counterfeiting query more convenient: close the NFC-enabled android phone to the NFC anti-counterfeit label on the jewelry (the mobile phone is in an online state), and the authenticity information of the jewelry can be displayed on the mobile phone;

3. NFC anti-counterfeiting tags can carry rich information. In addition to verifying the authenticity of the jewelry, you can also read other relevant information about the jewelry: information about the jewelry manufacturer, date of production, origin, specifications, etc.

Fourth, the program value

1. MIMA Technology's NFC anti-counterfeiting query system for jewelry manufacturers uses advanced dynamic digital encryption technology to allow counterfeiters nowhere to imitate, which can effectively protect the intellectual property and brand building of jewelry manufacturers;

2. MIMA Technology's NFC anti-counterfeiting solution for jewelry manufacturers can not only solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting for jewelry manufacturers, but also display rich product information on the APP side, enhancing the stickiness between consumers and jewelry manufacturers;

3. By combining NFC technology with anti-counterfeiting and mobile Internet, MIMA Technology provides consumers with a new anti-counterfeiting query experience and obtains more secure anti-counterfeiting information. Advanced NFC anti-counterfeiting technology better protects the rights and interests of consumers, allowing them to buy authentic products with greater confidence.

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