RFID anti-theft and inventory management in jewelry stores

RFID anti-theft and jewelry inventory management in jewelry stores

For thousands of years, jewellery has been a symbol of the life of nobles, and it is also a representative of luxury goods that women are willing to chase. From simple gold designs for daily wear to serious traditional holiday occasions, jewellery has a lot of demand. For jewelers, how to manage these expensive assets and achieve maximum profitability is particularly important. Now let us pay attention to how RFID can use the "smart store" to help jewelers manage this lot of property!

●After investigation, it is known that jewelers often encounter the following difficulties:

1. Suffering huge economic losses due to internal theft—Jade Jewellery lost nearly one million rials (about US $ 267,000) in jewellery due to theft, but the company was unable to identify the thieves due to lack of evidence Identity.

2. Due to internal theft, it caused many troubles when inventory was counted.

3. For extremely precious jewellery, it can prevent the use of its tracking function when looting jewellery, so as to recover as much as possible.

Based on RFID technology, MIMA Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a technical solution that seeks to monitor jewelry sales and in-store personnel activities to help jewelers solve difficult problems.

System implementation

Each piece of jewellery in the jewellery store is tagged with a passive UHF EPC Gen2 RFID tag before it is placed in a display case. These tags store data and use radio waves to automatically identify jewelry items.

DDCT readers are installed on the shelves at the entrance and exit of the jewelry store. The complete RFID system includes hardware, asset tracking and software integrated with existing ERP systems, which can monitor, track and control all jewelry items in the store according to the company's requirements. The system can respond to and respond to employees' actions, and if violations occur, the system will send an alert to the store manager.

In order to further improve the security measures, the system issued RFID badges to each employee, which can record their whereabouts on the main server and prevent employees from triggering any alarm when they are in proper contact with jewelry. The system gives employees one minute to remove jewelry items from the box and place them in a display tray. After the mobile display tray is placed on the viewing table, the antenna installed in the middle will continue to monitor until the tray returns to the shelf or display box. The system will alert you if there is any abnormal operation during sales, transfer, consignment or safe replenishment.

At the end of each day's work, employees will launch a set of "asset smart tracking store" application software to inform the RFID system that all jewelry is intact. After placing the jewelry on the POS desk, the RFID system will automatically identify and ensure that all the goods have been transferred to the safe. The system verifies the goods through a special antenna installed in front of the security door and ensures that the goods enter the safe. Other services provided by the system, such as the management process of transferring goods from one store to another, shipping, and returning products from customers, are performed using RFID readers in conjunction with asset tracking applications.

●Third, the efficiency brought by RFID

1. No more internal theft

2. Reduce the inventory time, 10 minutes a day can easily complete the inventory work

3. Can track and manage jewelry sales processes and activities.

4. Obtain customer preference information for products, selectively sell hot products, and reduce inventory turnaround time.

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