What is RFID Anti-metal tag?

What is RFID metal tag?

●RFID metal tag adds a kind of anti-metal material on the original basis. This material can prevent the tag from bonding with metal objects to fail. This kind of material is called rfid anti-metal tag. The anti-metal material is an electronic tag encapsulated with a special anti-magnetic absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that the electronic tag cannot be attached to a metal surface. The product is waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof and anti-collision, and can be used outdoors. Such as: Made of durable flame retardant laminate, can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature (can be put in oil), can withstand vibration and mechanical shock, can resist chemical dangerous goods, such as sulfuric acid and brine

●rfid anti metal tag

RFID anti-metal tag can work in high temperature environment with stable performance. It is very suitable for RFID metal tag IT assets, such as computer host, switch, server case, aluminum bar and shelf identification.

The widely used scenarios are as follows:

1. Warehouse asset management.

2. Indoor equipment management.

3. IT asset management.

4. Sheet metal management.

5. Medical Device Management.

●Why most application  uses RFID metal tags, because it not only has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and stable performance, but also has the following seven  advantages. If you really would like  to achieve effective management of items in a metal environment, RFID metal tags are a good choice compare to other tags.

▲The user can customize the read and write standard data of RFID anti-metal electronic tags, which makes the efficiency of specialized application systems faster.

▲RFID metal tag is suitable for frequency hopping working mode and has strong anti-interference ability.

▲The RFID metal tag can effectively read distances of more than 8 meters (related to readers and antennas)

▲The RFID anti-metal electronic tag adopts an ultra-wide working frequency band design, which not only conforms to relevant industry regulations, but also enables flexible development and application.

▲can read and write multiple RFID anti-metal tags (up to 50 per second or more) at the same time, without being limited and affected by the number of tags in the work area.

▲The storage area is provided for users to perform encrypted read, write, erase, and rewrite operations, and also provides a permanent dedicated word area dedicated to the designated user.

▲RFID anti-metal electronic tags do not need batteries, memory can be rewritten more than 10,000 times, the effective service life of more than ten years, cost-effective.

● See below hot rfid anti-metal tag.

1.PCB anti-metal tag.

2.Flexible metal tag.

3.Epoxy anti-metal tag.

4.ABS metal tag

5.High temperature tag.

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