What is glass capsule tag?

What is glass capsule tag?

The description of LF galss capsule tag

LF galss capsule, suitable for pet dogs, working dogs, animal husbandry animal identification, glass tube electronic tags can be divided into

Read-only and read-write. It is produced in accordance with biochemical medical materials and processes, and fully complies with ISO11784 / 85 international standards. It has been widely used at home and abroad at present, and it conducts comprehensive management of the entire process of animal growth. As long as the card reader antenna is close to the animal implantation point, the ID of this electronic tag can be read.

Key-Features of glass capsule tag:

Small size and light weight

Simple injection / implantation

Encapsulated in bioglass

Animal-resistant material on the surface

Application areas: cats, dogs, laboratory mice, macros, arowanas, horses, rabbits, etc.

Application of glass capsule tag:

Forehead households can use glass tube electronic tags for secondary development, put pigeons as electronic foot loops, and put them in walls for tour guides and patrols. Put into the workpiece, can be used for tracking management of the production process. So glass tube electronic tags have a wide range of uses

Parameter: It is a low frequency glass tube electronic tag, the working frequency is 125KHZ, 134.2KHZ, the glass tube electronic tag is RFID

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