Automatic conference sign-in system

The traditional manual check-in method checks the identities of the participants through security and verifies according to the information provided by the participants. The work efficiency is low and it is not convenient to automate statistics. People are more subjective and the recognition is inaccurate. The intelligent open conference sign-in system based on RFID technology allows each delegate to wear a wireless badge (RFID radio frequency tag). No matter which conference entrance the delegates pass through, the person wearing the wireless badge does not need to swipe the card actively It can realize automatic sign-in and promptly report to the police when no card is passed. Thereby, functions such as automatic sign-in of participants, automatic display of personnel information, and statistics of sign-in information are realized.

● Automatically identify sign-in to avoid congestion

Automatic identification of the identification card worn by participants, no need to stay, making sign-in work simple, fast and intelligent. The card-reading rate can reach 40-50 sheets / second, which ensures that the participants pass quickly. The system is stable and reliable, which effectively avoids the congestion in traditional hand signing and card signing in.

● Verification of participants' identity information to ensure conference security

The channel cooperates with the image linkage function to monitor the in and out personnel, and can capture photos of the in and out personnel in real time. By comparing with the photos of the personnel stored in the system, the staff can determine the legitimacy of the in and out personnel, illegal people enter, and the system will automatically sound and light alarm.

● Automatically determine the direction of entry and exit of personnel

Through infrared, it is possible to judge the direction of entry and exit of personnel, and provide managers with more accurate data.

● Real-time upload data, network data sharing

Check-in and check-out data can be uploaded to the data center in real time, which is convenient for managers to view in real time. When there are multiple meeting entrances, data can be shared.

● Easy installation, easy to use and stable operation

The system is easy and fast to install and can be installed in a short time. The operation is simple and easy to use. It can be used in places with dense personnel and complex environments, and supports 24-hour uninterrupted work, which can ensure the normal, stable and efficient operation of the system. When the network fails, the channel equipment can achieve offline work.

● Welcome message on the big screen, the conference organization is more humane

Welcome information will be displayed for each participant, which makes the organization of the conference more humane.

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