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We have made few innovations on the retailer's super, such as scan code payment, small programs, face recognition, intelligent voice electronic scales, vending cabinets, etc., but today we have to solve the problem of price tags, supermarket shelves Paper labels are usually affixed. If you change the price, you need to cover and paste the original label. Although the operation is relatively easy to complete, the entire price change process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. When the price of the product is determined, it reaches the designated supermarket person in charge. After that, it is transferred to the supervisor, who then informs the shopping guide to pick up the new price tag, and finally posts it on the designated shelf. Sometimes the goods on the shelf are changed, and the paper version price tag cannot be replaced in time. If such a problem occurs, it is written on the shelf with a black pen for training. Although it is not very beautiful and affects the regularization, it can solve the problem of changing the price in a timely manner. As supermarkets have tens of thousands of products, and Each product needs to be clearly marked, so marking the price is a busy task, and now supermarkets are all chain Mode, the price of the same product is different in different places, which increases the difficulty of price tag management. In order to change the price in time, the general supermarket also needs a label printer, so is there an electronic label that can be networked? As long as you can change the price from the computer management background with one click, you can complete the value tagging or change the price through the WeChat applet in the mobile phone? Next we are going to make this electronic label solution to solve the problem of supermarket price tagging.

This electronic tag displays the product picture, and the second is the price and size of the product, which is equivalent to the original paper price tag. The electronic tag is connected to the inventory management system of the supermarket and is located by the shelf position. For example, where is the electronic tag installed? Which layer and where on the shelf, in order to facilitate identification and management, three colors of red, yellow, and blue can be used to represent the upper, middle, and lower layers of the shelf. For more than three layers, the colors can be defined according to requirements and displayed on the electronic label. Show the product position on the shelf, so how do you achieve it technically? Is there any such example in reality. Do you know the WeChat photo frame? It is mainly used to share pictures with family members. It is very convenient. We decided to use the WeChat photo frame to solve the problem. Because the display price does not require a large screen, of course, the large screen displays good results, but we still have to consider the cost. After all, the price tag requires a large-scale electronic label, so we decided to make it as large as the paper version or larger than the paper version. The quality version is doubled, so you can change the price through the WeChat Mini Program, and Individuals can complete all of the price changes, the changes do not need to rush the process, every minute you can get.

So how do you know that the product on the shelf has been replaced? At this time, as long as the shopping guide uses WeChat to take the product picture and send it to the electronic label, the price will be automatically displayed, just like sharing the picture to the WeChat photo frame, and our electronic label is actually customized A reduced version of the WeChat photo frame, and each electronic tag can be navigated and located, so that users can search by voice when searching for goods, or use the smart speaker and shopping guide to conduct voice shopping guides, which can be very convenient for consumers to shop. It is not recommended to use a large screen to display the price of all the goods on the entire shelf, because all consumers focus on the screen on this shelf together, which is not conducive to a good shopping experience, and it is not very convenient when changing products, so We must pay attention to electronicizing the original paper label and complying with the original shopping visual experience of the consumer, which can solve the problem and make consumers feel that there is not too much discomfort to achieve a smooth transition.

Is it true that the paper label is worth upgrading to an electronic label? I think it is very necessary. The first is to solve the problems caused by the paper label. The second is to save time and cost. It may take several people half a day to change the price. Completed, now it can be completed by one person in less than one minute, and even the shopping guide can complete it by itself, which means automation, so that the shopping guide can specialize in product shopping guide, without being delayed by other things. When all the tags are electronic, the operation and management personnel of the supermarket can know the product sales situation through the camera on the electronic tag in real time, such as whether to replenish, instead of reminding the replenishment when the inventory is not large, this is earlier than the original A few hours, thereby improving work efficiency, and no longer need to work overtime and other data. In general, upgrading to electronic tags can save time and costs for supermarkets, and it is well worth doing!

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