The RFID tag embedded in the tire

RFID is the abbreviation of RadioFrequencyIdentification, that is, radio frequency identification, alias electronic tag, is a non-contact, automatic retrieval technology without visibility. It automatically retrieves the overall target and obtains the identification data based on the radio frequency signal without manual service intervention. As the prosperity of the Internet of Things technology industry, RFID has the advantages of faster scanners, penetrating scanners, anti-fouling work capabilities and strong performance, large data storage capacity, and small size. At this stage, RFID technology has been widely used in freight logistics, manufacturing, identity verification, investment management, smart transportation, etc. According to RFID shipping container management methods, animal management, etc., there have already been relevant regulatory support points.

On July 1, 2017, the four national standards approved by the Ministry of Industrial Production and Information Technology of "RFID Electronic Labels for Tires" have just begun to be implemented. The four specifications of the radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic label for tires, the radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic label embedding method for tires, the radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic label experiment method for tires, and the radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic label number for tires will be From a different level, we will develop standards for the application of RFID technology in tires.

2. Technical application of tire RFID

With the establishment of the quality standard system for RFID electronic tags for tires, the tire manufacturing industry has introduced RFID technical standards and ethics on a large scale. The tire RFID electronic tag is used as the tire identification data plasmid carrier, so that the tire has the unique symbol of the project life cycle. According to the collection terminal equipment, the relative information is loaded, and the supporting facility management system software is integrated to complete the tire manufacturing information and market sales. Information, application information, repair information, fee information and other tire project life cycle data are reasonably recorded and traced, and can be loaded at any time and anywhere. The tire management method will become more and more informational and transparent. The shortcomings of the management method during the entire process, which cannot be tracked, create a new and upgraded management mechanism for the entire process of tire manufacturing and application.

1. Application of tire processing

In the tire processing process, the RFID electronic tag is embedded in the forming process, and its unique identification number and original information are granted to complete the production management and monitoring of the enterprise at the manufacturing stage such as semi-finished products, vulcanized rubber, quality inspection. According to the reading and writing ability of the supporting facilities and equipment, the collection and recording of information on the processing of tire semi-finished products in various technological processes, and timely submission to the intelligent management system for analysis, and then complete the tire manufacturing information record, production planning management method, product quality management method Waiting for the continuous inadequacies and high efficiency caused by the continuous innovation of manual service copying data, the completion of automated technology and information-based manufacturing supervision.

2. Application of the whole process of tire storage and logistics

In the whole process of logistics storage of finished tires, according to the tire scanner, you can quickly and accurately obtain the tire's factory date, batch number, model specifications, manufacturer and other information, and then complete the automated technology storage and storage , Move, summarize and other actual operations, carry out a full range of operations and management methods on the company ’s inventory to prevent the occurrence of inventory backlogs and shortages of tire inventory, in order to control costs, reduce capital occupancy fees, and ensure the smooth production of corporate safety activities The purpose of development. As the only true identity mark in the life cycle of the tire project, RFID electronic tags are the guarantee of accurate and high efficiency of tires entering and leaving the warehouse and large-scale and large-scale operation.

3. Application of the whole process of tire market sales

According to tire RFID integrated IC information, you can search and analyze the tire list information sold to different agents and different regions in the market, so as to reasonably avoid the agent's "falsification" market sales status; when a claim is generated, according to the load The RFID integrated ic information of the claim tire can quickly trace the relevant freight logistics and manufacturing list information, and present the basic data for the claim. In the whole process of tire sales and marketing, the integration of tire information stored in RFID electronic tags and the relative information intelligent management system can complete three-dimensional claims data, customer relationship management, tire import and export, tire production and quality, etc. Analysis, showing qualitative analysis for company management decisions.

3. The key technical advantages of RFID

RFID technology is the core technology of intelligent tires. According to the integration with the intelligent tire information intelligent management system, the tire project life cycle information service management is completed. RFID electronic tags for tires will play a full role in the logistics storage, three claims compensation, anti-stringing, anti-counterfeiting labels and their application and renovation in the middle and later stages.

The RFID electronic tag embedded in the tire is equal to the tire's electronic ID card. The external reading and writing capabilities of the machine and equipment carry out fully automatic data collection according to the wireless network method, and complete the data identification automation technology, and then complete the tire automation technology freight logistics. The electronic tag is embedded inside the tire. With the life-time application of the tire, all kinds of data information of the tire can be quickly identified in the entire three-claims settlement process to speed up the entire settlement process and avoid deliberate claims; because the data loaded in the electronic tag cannot be changed casually Therefore, it can also play a key role at the tire anti-counterfeiting mark level to assist the company to reasonably deal with the problems of tire channeling and intentional replacement. At this stage, many tire companies around the world, such as Michelin Tire, Goodyear and Kumho Tire, have already released RFID tires with "electronic ID cards".

It is not difficult to see that the integration of RFID technology and tire production technology can not only solve the current problems encountered in the entire process of tire logos and traceability, in addition, the tires are embedded in the tires with RFID electronic tags, which can be loaded into tire production data, market sales Data, application data, refurbishment data, etc., and the relative data can be collected and loaded according to the terminal equipment at any time and any place, and then the relative management system software can be integrated to record and trace the life cycle data of the tire project.

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