RFID application in Warehouse management

Warehouse management is an important core part of the production and operation management of textile enterprises. How to strengthen warehouse management, reduce enterprise production costs, and enhance enterprise competitiveness has always been a concern. Through the use of RFID technology, the problems are summarized into production, inventory planning problems and important points of daily management technology. According to the characteristics of products, optimize the management and control link indicators, establish a reasonable production inventory model, optimize information inventory, RFID provides high-quality supply chain services for textiles.

With the rise of fast fashion at the end of consumption, the orders of the textile industry gradually show the characteristics of "small batch, multiple batches, and multiple SKUs", and the order cycle is also continuously shortened to ensure a rapid response to user needs. The textile industry chain is too long, the raw material procurement cost is high, and the product homogeneity is serious. The problems restrict the development of the textile industry and affect the further expansion of the textile market. How to innovate the development model of textile enterprises and break through the textile dilemma is a problem that every textile person is actively exploring.

RFID provides quality supply chain services for textiles

Among them, the textile industry solution realizes the in-depth integration of the Internet and the textile industry through a combination of multiple information technologies, improves the efficiency of textile circulation, realizes the effective allocation of textile resources, and helps companies build intelligent, efficient, and transparent textile supply chains. Realized cost reduction and quality improvement in the textile link.

RFID textile industry storage management implementation:

1. Warehouse and distribution integration

Through the application of WMS+TMS, effectively integrate logistics and warehousing resources, build a nationwide warehouse integration network, provide customers with end-to-end supply chain services, realize the efficient circulation of textile fabrics, avoid the phenomenon of increasing prices, and improve downstream clothing manufacturing The purchasing experience of the manufacturer.

2. Supply Chain Finance

In addition to optimizing logistics and warehousing, Radium Information also provides supply chain financial services. By building a supply chain financial platform, attracting banks, high-quality investors, and textile companies to settle in, providing financing services to members of the textile supply chain, lowering the corporate financing threshold, preventing and controlling corporate financing risks, and encouraging companies to obtain safe financing.

3. Massive data precipitation

Relying on big data technology, the data collection and cleaning of the textile industry are realized through the digital integration platform, and effective data is precipitated therefrom, which provides data support for the optimization of the production and procurement links of the textile enterprise, and helps the enterprise realize the unified procurement of raw materials and the intelligence of production orders distribution.

When the warehouse ships, use RFID reading and writing equipment to quickly scan the goods, check the scan results and the delivery notice, generate and print the shipment list of each box of goods, or the batch of shipment list, and record each in the database Commodity attributes and commodity flow information such as the delivery time of the goods associated with the RFID electronic tag, the destination of the goods, and the agent number. Realize the full life tracking of goods and standardize clothing logistics operations, shorten the operation process and operation time, and reduce labor costs.

One of the most important tasks in the textile industry warehouse is to ensure that the number of books is consistent with the physical quantity. When the warehouse picks up or stocks in the store, the RFID inventory equipment can quickly pick the target goods according to the order to avoid wrong sorting and missed inspection, and realize the data Automatically collect efficient inventory. Use RFID technology to overcome the defects of large warehouses and time-consuming inventory, complete inventory quickly and easily, the operation is simple and easy to learn, it can easily achieve the accuracy of the goods receipt record and the automation of delivery and distribution, so that inventory inventory will not be Missing and missing.

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