NFC anti-counterfeiting technology

1. Social background

       The alcohol tracing system based on RFID technology from the production packaging line fundamentally eliminates the production of fake wine. Through the integrated monitoring and recording of information from raw materials, assembly, storage inventory, shipment, to retailers, it is effectively Protect the interests of consumers and liquor companies.

Passive RFID electronic tag, no power consumption, ID number information, longer life than barcode and QR code, can be written 100,000 times, anti-wear, waterproof, anti-magnetic, anti-corrosion. Labels can be encrypted and cannot be falsified. Only special equipment and software can read and write labels.

RFID reader, long-distance identification, can quickly collect batches or automatically collect RFID tags. UHF/HF handheld, non-contact identification electronic label, no need to align, it is more convenient and faster than collecting barcode and QR code.

NFC has gradually become the standard for smart phones, NFC anti-counterfeit labels, the day when NFC is popularized, from cities to villages, when fakes have nowhere to hide.

Second, RFID wine anti-counterfeiting traceability technology

The advantage of the NFC scheme is that it cannot be copied, because each tag has a built-in encrypted tamper-proof digital signature. "The entire communication process is encrypted and therefore cannot be copied, even for us.

      1. The NFC anti-counterfeiting technology breaks through the ideas of the previous anti-counterfeiting technology and adopts a revolutionary new measure to make it difficult to forge, easy to identify, information feedback, password confidentiality, and one-time use. Compared with laser anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting, etc., the advantage of using NFC technology is that each tag has its own ID number. This ID information is placed in the ROM when the chip is made. It cannot be modified or difficult to counterfeit; Mechanical wear, anti-fouling; reader has a physical interface that is not directly open to end users to ensure its own security; in addition to the protection of electronic tags for data security, each tag has an encrypted digital signature.

      2. There is a mutual authentication process between the reader and the electronic tag, and the communication layer is encrypted.

      3. Consumers can easily read RFID anti-counterfeit labels using mobile phone NFC to obtain the authenticity of the product and traceability information throughout the life cycle.

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