IOT has entered a high-speed growth period this year

In recent years, the global Internet of Things market has been approximately US$600 billion or US$700 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of about 7% over the past three years. Only a 15% growth rate in 2018 is the best performance, but this year will enter more than 20% The high-speed growth period will reach the trillion-dollar mark for the whole year.

The research and development agency IDC estimates that this year's business opportunities around the Internet of Things (IoT) are approaching $1 trillion. Among them, the key role is the new trend of "AIoT" formed by AI and IoT. With the support of AI artificial intelligence, from 2017 to 2020, it will advance at a high rate of 24.2% annual compound growth rate. This year it is estimated to approach 1 trillion US dollars, and next year it will further look at 1.29 trillion US dollars.

Since the rise of the Internet, more and more electronic devices are bridged to the network, and computers, mobile phones, watches, automobiles, home appliances, etc. can all be easily connected. According to IDC estimates, from 2005 to 2010, the number of connected devices in the world has increased from one billion to five billion to five billion. It is expected that by 2020, it will increase tenfold to reach 50 billion.

Chen Shijie, the manager of the first gold global AI artificial intelligence fund, said that the Internet of Everything is just the beginning. If the big data acquired by the Internet of Things is analyzed and applied through AI technology, it will stimulate various new business models. For example, unmanned stores are emerging in the world, that is, connecting physical stores, warehousing and logistics, e-commerce and payment, etc. Customers only need to swipe their faces or pay by mobile phone to complete shopping and record consumption information.

In addition, like UPS, the global leader in the express delivery industry, there are 55,000 trucks in the United States alone, delivering 16 million packages a day, but UPS uses AI algorithms to configure the best delivery route for all fleets, and it takes less than a year. The distance of more than 130 million kilometers is equivalent to a direct cost reduction of 2.5 billion US dollars. Compared with UPS annual revenue of 50 billion US dollars, it means that the net profit immediately increased by 5 percentage points.

Chen Shijie said that with the introduction of AI artificial intelligence, the number of global connected devices has not only exploded, but also towards the trend of intelligentization, which not only brings more convenience, but also saves more time or money costs. Such a powerful function, once widely used in all walks of life, will bring more benefits to the development of the global economy and industry.

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