NFC application

NFC stands for "near field communication", which refers to short-range wireless communication technology. This is the nerve center of many mobile wallets (such as Google wallet and Visa wallet) and Isis dominated by mobile phone operators. It has just announced cooperation with Android mobile phone manufacturers. Partnerships.

Technical characteristics

Like RFID, NFC information is also transmitted by electromagnetic induction coupling in the wireless frequency part of the spectrum, but there is still a big difference between the two. First of all, NFC is a wireless connection technology that provides easy, safe and rapid communication. Its transmission range is smaller than RFID. The transmission range of RFID can reach several meters or even tens of meters. However, due to the unique signal attenuation technology adopted by NFC, Compared with RFID, NFC has the characteristics of close distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption. Secondly, NFC is compatible with existing contactless smart card technology and has now become the official standard supported by more and more major manufacturers. Again, NFC is a short-range connection protocol that provides easy, secure, rapid, and automatic communication between various devices. Compared with other connection methods in the wireless world, NFC is a close-range private communication method. Finally, RFID is more commonly used in production, logistics, tracking, and asset management, while NFC plays a huge role in areas such as access control, public transportation, and mobile payment.

NFC, infrared, and Bluetooth are all non-contact transmission methods. They have different technical characteristics and can be used for various purposes. The technology itself has no advantages or disadvantages.

The NFC mobile phone has a built-in NFC chip, which increases the two-way data transmission function than the original RFID used only as a tag. This progress makes it more suitable for electronic money payment; especially RFID cannot achieve, mutual authentication and dynamic encryption and One-time key (OTP) can be implemented on NFC. NFC technology supports a variety of applications, including mobile payment and transactions, peer-to-peer communication, and mobile information access. Through NFC mobile phones, people can connect with the entertainment services and transactions they want to get at any place, any time, through any device, so as to complete payment and obtain poster information. NFC devices can be used as contactless smart cards, smart card reader terminals and device-to-device data transmission links. Their applications can be divided into the following four basic types: for payment and ticket purchase, for electronic tickets, Used for intelligent media and for exchanging and transmitting data.

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