RFID combined with drone makes smart warehouse

In recent years, e-commerce platforms have risen rapidly, and e-commerce online shopping has become a very popular shopping channel. As a result, logistics warehouse management has become increasingly high-standard, which has continuously increased the construction of informatization and intelligence. RFID UAV intelligent inventory materials inventory is simple and fast, allowing UAV intelligent hangar materials inventory to conduct inventory management, inventory management, inventory inventory collection and inspection, RFID UAV can replace some human resources to complete the inventory inventory work. When the goods are placed on high shelves, it is more convenient to use the drone to inventory the goods. Perhaps in some high-temperature or dangerous spaces, it is also safer to complete the operation with the drone.

       RFID intelligent warehouse management can optimize inventory and inventory work, and more efficiently and quickly collect information on stored items. RFID technology combined with drones can easily reach places where people cannot enter, especially areas with high risk factors, and drones can be programmed to perform large-scale and repeated missions in fixed spaces according to navigation work after being programmed. Both accuracy and power are better than manual.

        Advantages of RFID UAV intelligent warehouse: RFID UAV will scan the warehouse and pay attention to the location of each inventory item. This data will be used to adjust whether the information in the inventory management system is consistent with the actual inventory information. RFID UAV intelligent warehouse can understand the position information of the loader in the warehouse. RFID drones can efficiently capture data and reduce manual process errors. The Web-based system allows for collaboration among all sharing network participants. Compared with forklifts, which have high restrictions, RFID intelligent warehouse management can locate all goods in the warehouse.

The FRID card reader repeater is smaller, which means that adding a small repeater will not change the overall volume and weight of the drone, which will certainly improve the safety of the warehouse drone. Letting the warehouse control also allows small drones to operate. Although the current drone solves many problems with the use of RFID tags, it still needs to connect a huge RFID card reader to the drone during operation. This means that the drone must also be large enough to match the size and weight of the hardware, which makes the drone very clumsy, has certain risks, and cannot be deepened into the stacked product center. RFID drones can replace part of the manpower and cannot complete the warehouse inventory work. When the goods are placed on high shelves, it is more convenient to use the drones to inventory the goods, or in some high-temperature or dangerous spaces. Will be more secure. However, the size and weight of the drone hardware bundled with the FRID card reader has also increased, which also increases the risk of drone crashes. Most of the small drones that can be used in large warehouses and have autonomous navigation capabilities cannot carry relatively large RFID card readers.

      RFID technology is very handy in warehousing management and can efficiently complete all aspects of warehousing management. RFID automatic identification and collection technology collects real-time and accurate statistics on items in and out of the warehouse without personnel intervention, and can identify multiple items at the same time, understand the working conditions of the warehouse in real time, and grasp a progress of the work, making warehouse management more convenient and fast.

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