What are the functions of rfid readers?

RFID technology has been applied in many industries in recent years due to its non-contact identification, long-distance identification, and strong environmental adaptability. The rfid reader/writer performs wireless communication with the RFID electronic tag through an antenna, and can read or write the tag identification code and memory data. Next, introduce the features of rfid readers in detail:

1. Equipped with a scanning engine, which integrates scanning and RFID functions;

2. Both UHF/HF dual frequency can be collected;

3. Thin and light industrial design, one-handed holding, improve working comfort;

4. Data can also be transmitted in complex environments;

5. Thin but sturdy, facing the harsh environment.

Application of rfid reader

1. Warehousing inventory

       Data collection is carried out on the operation links of warehousing arrival inspection, warehousing, outbound, allocation, shifting, inventory counting, etc., to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each link of warehousing management, and to ensure that enterprises can accurately and timely grasp inventory Real data, reasonable maintenance and control of corporate inventory.

2. Asset management

      Use rfid reader to complete the daily management and inventory of fixed assets, and realize the tracking and information management of the use cycle and use status of fixed assets.

3. Production management

The use of rfid readers in production management makes the production management of the workshop more informatized, the data is more accurate, the production process is more transparent, the production cost is reduced, and the quality of the product can be guaranteed.

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