How to choose a good sticker barcode paper

As we all know, self-adhesive labels rely on stickiness, which represents quality. Bad quality self-adhesives can easily fall off when they are attached. Therefore, the choice of bar code paper is very important.

Before using the self-adhesive label, you need to test the type of adhesive. The adhesive is classified into self-adhesive, heat-sealing adhesive or glue-coated paper, which needs to be tested in advance. In addition, some chemically react with specific materials, such as those used as signs, which will contaminate some special fabrics. Certain short-lived sticky labels will have long-lasting stickiness under exposure conditions and so on. Therefore, when testing, select a specific surface to test its viscosity. Generally, manufacturers of self-adhesive materials have testing capabilities.

What other factors affect stickiness? When using stickers and other labels on the surface of recycled paper, problems are prone to occur. When labels are used on the surface of contaminated recycled paper, the adhesiveness will lose its effect. Silicone resin coating is often used in the label to ensure that the sticker is easily released from the liner. In addition, the temperature is too low will also affect the adhesion, low temperature can reduce the speed of adhesion.

How to effectively use self-adhesive labels is to properly peel off the self-adhesive from the surface of the backing paper. The correct method is: try to keep the label straight and peel off the backing paper from the center of the top or bottom end to ensure that the label is well bonded to the surface of the object.

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