The characteristic of UHF metal tag

The UHF anti-metal tag is a UHF RFID tag suitable for attaching to the metal surface and working normally. The product is packaged with PCB material, the antenna is a specially designed internal circuit, and the chip is soldered on the antenna and protected by epoxy resin potting. . The label attached to the surface of metal objects can still achieve the working performance of ordinary RFID tags when attached to the surface of wooden objects, cartons and other objects, and has great application value.

  UHF anti-metal tags can be packaged with different UHF chips and different UHF antennas, so they have different reading and writing distances and characteristics. However, in general, compared with high-frequency tags, they have a longer reading distance and strong anti-collision capabilities. The induction speed is fast, and it is sturdy and durable, and can be used in harsh environments. It can be widely used in logistics management, product tracking, product anti-counterfeiting, warehouse management, production control, vehicle management, etc. For example: dangerous goods-gas cylinder management; power industry-inspection management, etc.

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