RFID appliction in livestock

With the improvement of living consumption level, the animal husbandry industry is also developing rapidly, and animal husbandry is carried out on a large-scale and specialized breeding. Let the traditional animal husbandry develop towards pioneering and innovative modern intelligent animal husbandry. Effectively accelerate the modernization and informatization of animal husbandry. Smart animal husbandry adopts identification technologies such as barcode tags and RFID electronic tags to realize the Internet of Things technology, which makes full use of modern information technology to manage and serve modern animal husbandry. RFID technology helps the healthy development of animal husbandry.

Master the advanced management methods for livestock and poultry breeding in the Internet of Things, collect the environmental parameters of livestock and poultry houses online through smart wireless sensors, and remotely control the corresponding equipment according to the collected data analysis results, so that the breeding environment of the livestock and poultry houses can reach the best condition and realize science The goal of breeding, quarantine, and income increase.

The intelligent animal husbandry production management system is based on the application of key technologies of the Internet of Things, uses RFID technology to identify animals and objects, and uses mobile intelligent terminals integrated with relevant identifiers for production management. And send the data to the background system through the mobile terminal. To achieve mobile office production.

The main process of the smart livestock breeding system:

1. Feeding link: When the animals are born and raised, RFID tags (such as ear tags or foot rings) are installed on the animals. These electronic tags are put on the ears when the animals are born. The handheld device continuously sets, collects or stores the information in its growth process to control production safety from the source. At the same time, the records of epidemic prevention records, disease information and key information of the breeding process of livestock in various periods are recorded. Before livestock slaughter, the RFID tag must be read by the handheld to confirm that the disease-free livestock can be released.

2. Slaughter link: Before slaughter, read the RFID tag information on the animal to confirm that the animal has an epidemic prevention record and is truly healthy before it can be slaughtered and enter the market. At the same time, write the information into the box label and cargo pallet label And the price tag.

3. Supervision by the competent authority: In the process of market supervision, the regulatory authority requires that the pallets, packaging boxes and price tags of all sales outlets contain RFID electronic tags, and the origin, product name, type, grade, and price of the meat And other relevant data is written into the electronic label.

4. Logistics distribution link: Fresh meat enters the circulation link, and RFID electronic tags are attached to the pallets or packing boxes loaded with the meat and transported to the designated supermarket or market sales point. When the goods are delivered, they only need to pass through a fixed distance. The distance card reader or handheld reader can read the RFID electronic label on the packing box or pallet.

5. Management of foreign livestock: If the meat products that have been slaughtered from other provinces and cities should enter the market, they must first go to the designated supervision location for product inspection, and after the inspection is passed, the electronic label of the relevant product information and related inspection information shall be affixed . At the same time, the regulatory authority issued a qualification certificate for market sales products.

Smart animal husbandry technology requires not only the identification, identification, tracking and query of various links such as agricultural breeding, acquisition, processing, transportation, and sales, but also related management of its warehouses, assets and corporate information, so as to ensure the key core of animal husbandry The comprehensive informatization of business, business management informatization, management information resources and standardization of information services provide important information support and services for animal husbandry enterprises, allowing the rapid and healthy development of animal husbandry.

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