Self-adhesive label paper

Self-adhesive label paper is like everyone needs to have an ID card, and a wide range of products also need labels to prove their "identity and status". It is conceivable that self-adhesive label paper can be seen everywhere in our lives. . Do you really understand? Follow the steps of Lianju Packaging to take a look.

   All in all, self-adhesive label paper is mostly simple paper strip type paper, generally small in size, so that it can be recorded in time.

   In order to get a perfect quality label, in addition to the configuration of a high-quality barcode printer, a reasonable selection of self-adhesive label paper is also a very important link. At present, self-adhesive labels are more commonly used in the barcode printer industry. The self-adhesive label is composed of three parts: release paper, face paper and the adhesive used to bond the two. The release paper and face paper are used to distinguish the purpose of self-adhesive label paper. Release paper is commonly called "bottom paper". The surface is oily. The bottom paper has an isolation effect on the adhesive. Therefore, it is used as the attachment of the top paper to ensure that the top paper can be easily peeled off from the bottom paper. Type paper. The bottom paper is divided into ordinary bottom paper and GLASSINE bottom paper. The ordinary bottom paper has rough texture and large thickness. According to its color, there are yellow and white. The self-adhesive bottom paper commonly used in the printing industry is an economical yellow bottom. paper. GLASSINE backing paper has dense and uniform texture, good internal strength and light transmittance, and is a common material for making bar code labels. Its commonly used colors are blue and white. We usually talk about self-adhesive label paper as coated paper, thermal paper, etc., which means facial paper. The face paper is the carrier of the label printing content, and is divided into several types according to its material, such as coated paper, thermal paper, PET, and PVC.

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