Application scheme of underground pipeline electronic marker

1. Background

   The rapid development of new smart cities represented by the Internet of Things, the Internet, and smart grids, and the introduction of more advanced technologies in urban construction. The prosperity and development of a city cannot be separated from the support of various basic “elements”, and the official websites of underground gas, electricity, water supply, sewage, and heating are complicated. On the other hand, the country’s strategic needs, major cities need to invest a lot of manpower and material resources for project implementation, and scientific management methods for sustainable development cannot be ignored.

Underground pipe system

   2. Underground pipeline marking system

  1, environmental issues

   Damage by external force and incomplete, inaccurate, and incomplete underground management information caused construction errors.

  Excessive extraction of groundwater caused the ground to sink, causing problems such as deformation and rupture of the pipeline.

  Earthquake, flood and other problems can cause the emergence of underground pipelines. To ensure that the pipelines are unobstructed and used normally, health monitoring requires real-time positioning and accurate monitoring and management.

  2, management issues

   The level of positioning technology is limited: In view of the current cable and underground pipeline management problems, it takes a lot of time and labor costs to locate, inspect and survey underground pipelines.

  Limited experience: the original logo is lost, there is a malfunction, and there is no basis. Many of them are experienced by the staff, and there is no better scientific basis for rush repairs, which has caused many losses.

  Emergency repairs or construction often lack scientific and technical means, leading to errors and losses.

   Replacement of maintenance personnel: As a result, the control of underground pipelines is not particularly detailed, and the historical situation is not fully understood.

   Three, there are problems in underground pipeline management

  Uncontrollable accident: Unable to overcome unexpected problems.

   The on-site environment is complex: inspections cannot be very accurate and practical.

  Replacement of maintenance personnel or no omission of management personnel: the inspection responsibility cannot be clearly assigned to whom.

  4: Reasons for using RFID electronic identification management

   When the first fault occurs, it can be discovered in time, quickly locate and search, and quickly determine the pipeline attribute and location.

   The management details are clear, and which unit, department and who is responsible can be held accountable.

   Inspections are in place and responsibilities are in place.

   The historical data of the entire pipeline is managed globally.

   Provide scientific data, and can conduct historical data historical tracking and analysis.

   Simple operation, easy to install and control.

   5. Underground pipeline marking and positioning system

  1, realization principle

The frequency signal is sent through the detection equipment, the underground pipeline marker mobile phone signal, and the energy is stored; at the same time, after the detection equipment sends the information, it enters the information receiving mode, the electronic marker reflects the energy to the detector, and the detector passes the strength of the returned signal Determine the location of the pipeline. When the detector approaches, the signal gets stronger and stronger, so as to locate the location of the underground pipeline.

  2, achieve purpose

   Underground pipeline identification and positioning system realizes accurate positioning of information-based underground pipelines.

   Strengthen the safety management of underground pipeline excavation.

   Ensure precise excavation and reduce the excavation area.

   Reduce digging accident rate and reduce costs.

   quickly find underground pipelines.

   Effective protection underground measures.

   Improve the efficiency of emergency rescue construction.

  Information and data management of underground pipelines.

  6. Underground pipeline marker application

Underground pipeline markers can be applied to most underground pipelines, and are widely used in defense cables, industrial pipelines, thermal pipelines, telecommunication cables, manhole covers, oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, gas pipelines, sewage pipelines, drainage pipelines, water supply pipelines, urban underground pipelines , Underground gas pipelines and other pipelines real-time information management, strengthen pipeline management, and improve the safety guarantee of managers.

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