What are the types of self-adhesive label materials

At present, the commonly used materials for self-adhesive labels of daily chemical products in the domestic market are paper and film. Paper materials are mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products, and film materials are mainly used in medium and high-end daily chemical products. At present, the popular personal care products and household liquid washing products on the market occupy a large proportion, so the corresponding paper materials are also used more.

        There are many varieties of daily chemical products, and there are correspondingly more varieties of demand levels for self-adhesive label materials. Generally, mainstream daily chemical products with a higher level have higher requirements for the face material, adhesive and backing paper of the self-adhesive label material. Some multinational daily chemical production companies are even equipped with advanced self-adhesive label material testing. Equipment to select qualified self-adhesive label materials.

  The paper labels of daily chemical products are mainly composed of two materials: mirror coated paper and coated paper. The coated paper is familiar to everyone. Now I will explain some of the mirror coated paper. Mirror coated paper is a coated paper with a polished surface. The surface has a high smoothness, which enhances the printability of the surface, and the color of the processed label is more vivid and shiny.

The film-type self-adhesive labels used in daily chemical products are commonly used in PE, PP, PVC and some other synthetic materials. For example, the composite of PE and PP is also a commonly used material. For environmental reasons, PVC materials have begun to shrink. . The thin film materials on the market are mainly white, matte, and transparent. Since the printability of the film material is not very good, it is generally done corona treatment or by adding a coating on its surface to enhance its printability. In order to avoid deformation or tearing of some film materials during the printing and labeling process, some materials will also undergo directional treatment, unidirectional stretching or bidirectional stretching. For example, the application of biaxially stretched BOPP materials is quite common.

       More self-adhesive labels from rolls suitable for automatic labeling will require more rotary printing equipment to cooperate with them. Single self-adhesive labels suitable for manual labeling will be more limited to large-volume household washing products on. On the other hand, daily chemical production enterprises will be more concentrated, the overall level of daily chemical products will be improved, and some well-known brand products will occupy a larger market share. These daily chemical products will need high-quality, high-level self-adhesive labels to meet the packaging requirements of their products. Film products will be used more, transparent, ultra-thin film materials with no label feeling will be one of the trends in the next few years.

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