RFID high frequency ISO15693 Chinese protocol

The ISOIEC15693 Chinese standard is an international standard for RFID radio frequency identification applications. This standard defines the air interface and data communication specifications for electronic tags and readers working at 13.56Mhz.

 It supports two amplitude modulation methods 100% ASK and 10% ASK , VCD to VICC adopts sub-carrier modulation mode, VICC to VCD supports FSK dual-subcarrier debugging mode and ASK single-subcarrier modulation mode. VCD to VICC, that is, the encoding method from reader to label adopts pulse position modulation, and supports two encoding methods, which are 256-to-1 mode and 4-to-1 mode. The communication rate is 1.54KBIT/s when 256 is selected as 1 mode, and 26.48kbits/s when 4 is selected as 1 mode.

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