Electronic tags help the energy industry to improve the quality and efficiency of material management

For large oil companies, in order to ensure the continuous supply of materials, it is necessary to constantly purchase, maintain, and update materials and equipment. In the process of commodity circulation, huge consumption costs are invisible. Material management has become one of the most concerned areas of enterprises. How to use digital empowerment to reduce inventory and reduce costs will also become a key task for enterprises.

There have been many successful cases of electronic tags in Yunliwuli in domestic warehouse management. Among them, a long-term project inspection and implementation was carried out in Yunliwuli, a digital storage material project of a branch of the West-East Gas Pipeline Company of PetroChina, Henan, to open up the core links of supply, platform material management, and consumption, realizing the connection between demand and consumption , Accurately analyzed the implementation of requirements, helped companies improve the accuracy of requirements, and received continuous praise.

01. Smart warehousing system helps simplify management

In terms of warehousing material management, the electronic label system in Yunliwuli is a practical "weapon." With the electronic label storage card as the entry point, through the digital platform, the entire process of information management and control of each single material is implemented to enhance the intelligence of material management. For example, if there are 100 types of materials in a contract, the supplier sends 50 of them. In the past, warehouse personnel needed to find 50 of these 100 materials, and manually checked the material codes one by one to confirm that they were correct before they could be put into the warehouse. Now through the electronic warehouse card, the QR code on the electronic ink screen corresponds to each batch of corresponding materials. The administrator aligns the QR code on the screen to scan, the name and code of the batch of materials, inventory information, supplier, and production All important information such as dates and so on is at a glance, and material management becomes simple and easy to operate.

Electronic tags grasp the real pain points of material management, accurately find inventory problems, help companies more refined management of the life cycle of materials, effectively control inventory, so as to achieve the management demands of reducing inventory costs.

02. Intelligent research and judgment on cloud platform to enhance the rationality of procurement

On the other hand, the energy industry has a huge amount of data and high frequency of data queries. Material data runs through the production, procurement, warehousing, and maintenance sections of the company. In the past, hundreds or even thousands of material order contracts had to be queried one by one in the enterprise ERP system. Now, before materials are put into storage, the system has pushed the arrival notification in advance, and it is enough to carry out the receipt and put into the warehouse for each single material. The intelligent data management and query provided by the Yunliwuli cloud platform and the open API interface can be connected with the management systems of various enterprises to help enterprises realize the digitalization of warehouse management.

03. Smart environmental monitoring, well received

Not only that, a temperature and humidity sensor is installed in the warehouse to monitor temperature and humidity in real time, and to monitor whether materials are stored at the most suitable temperature. At the same time, the alarm temperature range can be set and the temperature is out of range, and the instant alarm will notify the management staff to adjust the temperature immediately, reducing the impact of abnormal temperature.

Yunliwuli is committed to exploring the application of IoT technology in enterprise diversified business scenarios, realizing the intelligent connection of people, goods and management processes, boosting the digital transformation of enterprises, making internal operations more efficient, and making industrial chain collaboration smoother. Make business innovation easier.

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