What are the factors that affect the reading distance or unreadability of RFID tags?

What are the factors that affect the reading distance or unreadability of RFID electronic tags? With the continuous development of technology, the concept of logistics network is no longer unfamiliar to everyone. Many industries or companies are very interested in using RFID electronic tags to manage fixed assets. Generally speaking, a complete set of RFID asset management solutions includes RFID fixed asset management systems, RFID readers, RFID printers, RFID electronic tags, etc. RFID electronic tags are an important link in the entire system. If the RFID electronic tags have problems, it will affect the entire system. So what are the factors that affect the reading range of RFID electronic tags? Then I will give you the following summary:

Factors affecting the reading distance of RFID electronic tags:

1. It is related to the radio frequency power of the RFID reader. If the radio frequency power is small, the reading distance will be close. On the contrary, if the power is high, the reading distance will be far;

2. It is related to the gain of the RFID reader antenna, the gain of the reader antenna is small, the reading distance is close, anyway, the gain is high and the reading distance is long;

3. It is related to the degree of coordination between the RFID tag and the antenna polarization direction and the relative angle. The direction is consistent and the degree of coordination is high, and the reading and writing distance is far. On the contrary, if it does not cooperate, the reading distance is short;

4. It is related to the unit attenuation of the feeder. The greater the attenuation, the closer the reading and writing distance, otherwise, the smaller the attenuation and the longer the reading distance;

5. It is related to the total length of the feeder connecting the reader and the antenna. The longer the feeder, the shorter the reading and writing distance. On the contrary, the shorter the feeder and the longer the reading distance.

Reasons for unable to read RFID electronic tags:

     1. The RFID electronic tag is damaged

      There are chips and antennas in RFID electronic tags. If the chips are pressed by external force or high static electricity, they may fail. Or damage to the RFID signal receiving antenna can also cause failure. Therefore, the RFID electronic tag cannot be damaged or torn under pressure. Generally, high-demand RFID electronic tags are encapsulated in plastic cards to avoid damage from external forces.

2. There are interference objects

RFID electronic tags cannot pass through metal objects. When the tag is blocked by metal, it will affect the reading distance of the RFID reader, or even fail to read at all. At the same time, the radio frequency information of the RFID electronic tag is also difficult to penetrate water, and if it is blocked by water, the sensing distance will also be limited. In general, the signal of the RFID tag can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood, and plastic, and can perform penetrating communication. If the use scene is special, you need to customize the anti-metal tags or other electronic tags with other characteristics, such as high temperature resistant tags, waterproof tags, etc.

3. The reading distance is too far

       RFID electronic tags are based on different manufacturing processes, different application environments, different RFID readers, and different reading distances. If the reading distance is too far, the reading effect will be affected.

   The above factors that affect the reading distance or unreadability of RFID electronic tags are summarized here. With the continuous development of rfid technology, more and more industries will also apply in detail.

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