Why use self-adhesive label materials

As we all know, daily chemical products have high added value, so there are many brands and fierce competition. This can be more directly felt in supermarkets. There are often dozens or even hundreds of similar products on a shelf for consumers to choose from. It is understood that nearly 70% of consumers do not have a specific plan in advance when shopping, do not specify a brand, and most of them are buying randomly. Consumers choose a product from a dazzling array of products, and whether the outer packaging of the product can attract consumers is a big factor. The most important thing about the outer packaging of daily chemical products is the label. It can be seen that the delicacy of the label plays a very important role. Self-adhesive labels can perfectly reflect the requirements of exquisiteness.

   At present, the outer packaging labels of domestic daily chemical products generally have the following forms: self-adhesive labels, direct screen printing, glued paper labels, heat shrinkable film labels, heat transfer labels and the newly emerging in-mold labels. Adhesive paper labels, heat shrinkable film and heat transfer labels are at a lower level than other label materials in terms of appearance and texture. Therefore, the use ratio of these types of labels is low, and they are limited to the lower level. Chemical products. In-mold labels have just started in China (instructions will follow). At present, self-adhesive labels and direct screen printing are more commonly used in the labels of daily chemical products. Compared with direct screen printing, self-adhesive labels have the following advantages: 1. Self-adhesive labels have higher printing accuracy, especially in more complex patterns, richer color levels, and small text. It can be said that the self-adhesive label label is more delicate. 2. If the label has more colors, the cost of using self-adhesive labels is lower. The cost of using self-adhesive labels for more than 4 printing colors is lower than the cost of screen printing. The advantages of screen-printed labels are reflected in the relatively simple color patterns and relatively low production costs. On the other hand, screen-printed labels have more texture. With this advantage, screen-printed labels also occupy a certain market share.

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