The RFID key chip is embedded in the ring for easy unlocking

A couple used a unique way to solve the problem of forgetting to carry the Tesla car keys. They first disassembled the Tesla key card, then embedded the RFID chip and antenna into a custom ring, and finally used the ring to unlock the car.

After the initial prototype was completed, they began to sell on their website, which could provide buyers with a series of products in customizable sizes and colors. The rings themselves are worth $100, plus $10 for shipping within the United States. This ring makes Tesla's RFID chip and antenna visible, which is very attractive to Tesla's technology enthusiasts. Generally speaking, many people may not use it as a wedding ring, but it is a good choice for buyers who can carry Tesla keys with them in a more discreet way.

For people who want to throw away their key cards or don’t want to carry anything with them, the Tesla Ring Key seems to be a good choice. Runners, surfers, triathletes, hikers, etc. all seem to benefit from this technology-but at $100 per ring, it is definitely not cheap. Another Tesla owner said: “I just use my cell phone or my wife’s cell phone to get in and out of our Model 3. For us, this is an automatic, simple and effective choice. However, I know some people are very It’s hard to make the phone work like a key. In this case, this ring looks convenient and cool."

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