rfid application in the catering field

More than a year ago, while having lunch at Dixie State University, Brinster, Dixon, and Baker came up with a good idea to start a business. Its purpose is to let students, especially those who drink carbonated drinks every day. It is easier to buy soft drinks.

Fill Drinks is the creativity of these three students. Fill Drinks is a beverage ordering service with a monthly fee of $19.99, which provides subscribers with unlimited use of Coca-Cola beverages.

Brinster said that if someone is a "soda mania" and drinks at least one drink a day, then the ordering service will cost about 60 cents per drink. "Cool things are always infinite possibilities."

Brinster and his two friends held a family and school faculty gathering at the Brooks'Stop convenience store on the campus of Dixie State University, and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, which marked the result of their efforts. A Coca-Cola Freestyle machine was installed in a corner of the store.

The machine can provide nearly 200 flavors, including Coca-Cola's signature soft drinks and other healthy beverage options such as vitamin water, and is equipped with a RFID chip scanner that can read the Fill Drinks order service.

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The tags are located at the bottom of the cup, so the RFID chip scanner can easily read them when people place the cup under the machine.

It is not easy to obtain this machine, especially the machine with brand trademark. Dixon said: "This is indeed a rather difficult process, because those Freestyle machines are part of the franchise."

It took them more than a year to finally get a Freestyle beverage dispenser.

Dixon added that although the three of them worked together, they still had to sell their ideas to Coca-Cola, and the faculty and staff at Dixie State University's Udvar Harz School of Business helped them achieve this goal.

Another feature of the beverage ordering service here is that people can buy and use reusable bottles instead of disposable cups. Currently, Brooks'Stop can only use disposable cups with RFID tags on the bottom.

Dixon said that the retail price of plastic bottles that the Fill Drinks service will provide is about $15, and a permanent RFID tag is printed on the bottom of the bottle. These bottles are still in production.

Although the beverage ordering service was originally set up for college students in need, the service is also open to the public. "Currently the only place people can use the service is Brooks'Stop on the university campus."

"We have high expectations for the future of Fill Drinks. We think this way of drinking beverages is indeed a part of future life."

Brinster said: "It has been more than a year now, and we already know that it takes a lot of work to start a business. We have also learned a lot from it."

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