More efficient clothing store management

  RFID handsets use radio frequency identification technology to read tag information to collect and input information. RFID handhelds can realize long-distance, non-contact, multi-tag identification, improve the speed of cargo handling and handover, and are suitable for logistics warehousing, production management, clothing retail, traceability management and other fields.

        The Application of RFID Handheld in the Management of Clothing Stores

Frequently encountered problems in the operation and management of clothing stores: low efficiency and error-prone inventory check of goods; heavy inventory check workload, inaccurate data, difficult goods search; unclear inventory data, unable to quickly respond to customer needs, resulting in customer loss .

        1. The RFID handset can penetrate the packaging box to identify the label information. After the boxed goods arrive in the warehouse, use the RFID handset to quickly read and enter the product information (category, size, quantity) without opening the box, and complete the entry Library. When leaving the warehouse or adjusting the warehouse, the target cargo can be quickly located and counted, the handover speed is fast, and the review efficiency is improved.

        2. The RFID handheld machine scans the goods between the shelves, and the data is automatically uploaded to the management system for comparison. Realize the rapid inventory of goods and rapid data transmission, the number of categories at a glance, timely replenishment, avoid shortages or broken codes, and improve operation efficiency and feedback speed in the supply chain.

        3. The RFID handset collects and recognizes the product label information, helps the clerk obtain the corresponding picture and inventory information of the product in real time, and responds to customer needs in time, such as size, color, etc. Provide merchants with merchandise sales/slow sales data through orders and inventory consumption to keep abreast of business conditions.

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