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Concept: Smart cards are collectively referred to as IC cards, which are divided into contact and non-contact. It is the English abbreviation of Integrated Circuit Card.classification: 

●Contact IC card: 

① The original Siemens SLE5542, SLE5528 and the domestically produced Fudan 4442, 4428. Among them, the domestically produced chips are compatible with the original ones. 

②Atmel: AT24C01/AT24C02/AT24C04/AT24C08, etc. 

③Contact CPU card: TG56/TG97/TG132, etc. Compliance agreement: ISO7826 agreement

●Non-contact IC card: 

① Low frequency card: also called ID card. The frequency band is 125KHZ, the reading distance is 3cm Commonly used chips: TK4100, SMC4001, EM4100, EM4200, EM4305, EM4450 and T5577, etc. 

ID cards are divided into ID thick cards (above 1.2mm) and ID thick cards (0.8mm) Compliance agreement: ISO7815 agreement Purpose: ID card is generally used as a single function because of its relatively low price. It is mostly used, such as parking or access control or attendance or consumption.

②High frequency card: the frequency is 13.56MHZ, the reading distance is 3-10cm Compliance with the agreement: The ISO14443A protocol chips include NXP's S50/S70, Fudan's FM11RF08, and Fudan's S70, which are compatible with NXP's two chips. In addition, there are Ultralight chips (U10) and Mifare Desfare chips. Comply with the agreement: ISO14443B protocol has a relatively high encryption coefficient, which is more suitable for CPU cards. Generally used for ID cards, passports, bank cards, etc. Compliance with the agreement: ISO15693 agreement Texas TI chip, I CODE 2 chip. Uses: Widely used in the field of one card.

③UHF card: frequency 860-960MHZ, card reading distance 1-10m Comply with ISO180006B agreement: HSL produced by NXP. Comply with ISO180006C protocol: EN2 series, AlienH2/H3 Comply with EPC Gen2 protocol: GEN2 series

Purpose: supply chain management, logistics distribution, product certification, fixed product inventory and tracking, baggage handling and tracking, item-level labeling, etc.

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