The application of PDA

RFID handheld terminal has RFID reading and writing functions, can read RFID electronic tags, and use radio frequency identification technology to collect data. It is a handheld terminal with specific functions. With the development and application of Internet of Things technology, various smart hardware devices emerge in endlessly. Due to its portability, practicability, real-time data collection, automatic storage, and real-time display/feedback, RFID handheld terminals are constantly changing people's work styles and workflows, and have been widely used and popularized in various industries. Today we take a look at which fields RFID handheld terminals are mainly used in. rfid handheld and terminal Logistics Express: The RFID handheld terminal integrates the work and business of receiving, sorting, distribution, scheduling and other links to realize intelligent logistics work and management. Managers can obtain information and manage it in real time through the background. It supports users to query logistics tracking information, and supports companies to grasp the location and delivery progress of express delivery. rfid handheld Warehouse management: The goods in the warehouse are stored, taken out and checked in the form of RFID handheld terminal barcode scanning, and the information is quickly collected and transmitted on the spot. Suitable for all kinds of factory warehouses, logistics transit warehouses, etc. RFID handheld terminal is mainly used as a tool for data collection and data interaction in chain store management. By reading barcode/RFID tag information, information transmission and feedback are carried out between the foreground and the background database. Applicable to various retail stores such as clothing, jewelry, glasses, shoes and hats. rfid handheld terminal Pharmaceutical industry: The scenarios where RFID handheld terminals are used in the pharmaceutical industry mainly include: drug entry and exit, circulation inventory, dispensing management, identification and registration of barcode information such as patient wristbands/infusion bags/test sheets. Mobile law enforcement: By using Yue Ran RFID handheld terminal's various wireless communication technologies, taking pictures, recording, video recording, GPS positioning, document recognition, information inquiry and other functions, it provides more powerful tools for law enforcement. Bill management: RFID handheld terminal can realize ticket checking and checking confirmation management, and realize efficient and high-speed ticket checking operation through RFID handheld terminal scanning. It can be used for various ticket checking tasks such as cinemas, tourist attractions, concerts, and exhibitions. The reading distance of UHF rfid handheld terminals is 3~5 meters, which is not reachable by low frequency and high frequency rfid handheld terminals, so UHF rfid handheld terminals are generally used in places with high distance requirements.

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