RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability technology

Using the latest Internet of Things RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability technology can help build distinctive brands, protect brand value, help companies ensure product quality and authentic sources, build consumer confidence, drive mobile Internet marketing, promote product sales and expand brand influence. Using the RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability system developed by us, we can establish an anti-counterfeiting traceability service platform of our own brand for local production companies, which not only prevents counterfeiting, but also traces and traces the source, and can prevent distributors from collaborating. Each electronic label has a globally unique code, which cannot be changed or copied, effectively preventing others from forging products. operation procedure 1. Put an NFC anti-counterfeiting electronic label on each product that has passed the inspection. 2. Paste the logistics tracking RFID electronic label on the shipping box, and complete the initialization of the anti-counterfeiting label and the logistics tracking label at the same time, and save the label data in the database of the service platform. 3. Use RFID handsets to scan the logistics tracking label during delivery and upload the shipping information to the service platform database. When receiving the goods, dealers also use the RFID handset to scan the logistics tracking label and upload the receipt information to the service platform database. 4. When a consumer makes a purchase, the consumer scans the NFC anti-counterfeiting electronic tag with their NFC mobile phone, and the App will automatically find the authenticity information of the product and the logistics and distribution process information, just as clear and clear as the tracking of the express delivery process. 5. After completing the sales, the dealer uploads the sales data to the database of the service platform. 6. The manufacturer enters the background of the system to query the current flow of statistical products, real-time sales progress and other information. The entire process has clear operational responsibilities and no omissions in quality tracking to ensure product quality and brand reputation. Consumers are at ease, enterprises are at ease, and government food regulatory agencies are at ease. The overall operation process model is shown below: Solution value: 1. Brand protection of the original manufacturer, anti-counterfeiting protection of product quality, traceable and traceable; 2. To prevent distributors from collaborating with goods, production companies strengthen channel management and control, real-time data tracking and analysis; 3. Consumers can buy genuine products, buy with confidence, and consume happily, and promote the spread of the brand; 4. Government supervision is easy, and product information and distribution tracking information can be checked at any time, and the whole process is supervised.

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