What is the function of the RFID asset management system?

The fixed asset management based on UHF RFID technology realizes the digital and refined management of fixed assets, real-time monitoring of items and codes. Use RFID technology to automatically collect fixed assets, upload the collected data to the back-end server through the network, and conduct scientific management of fixed assets. Each asset has a unique identification ID, which is equivalent to an ID number, which can accurately match the location, user, quantity, purchase date and other detailed information of each asset, thereby effectively ensuring that the account, card and object match. Therefore, the assets matching the registration information are correct, and the inventory can be checked conveniently and quickly. RFID technology combines fixed assets with advanced radio frequency identification technology, which is revolutionary for traditional fixed asset management, saves time and energy, solves huge asset management problems, improves management efficiency, and realizes school fixed asset management The process and informationization, and efficient management, to solve the problem of unclear family background, inconsistent accounts, repeated purchases, idle waste and asset loss.

What is the function of the RFID asset management system?

Collect data on rfid tags attached to fixed assets by using RFID handheld terminal devices (the tags are pre-entered into asset information), and finally transmit the data to the rfid fixed asset management system for data integration, cleaning, verification, inventory and other operating. Can generate reports. 

1.With asset location tracking management function, from asset purchase, warehousing, purchase, borrowing, distribution, maintenance, repair, scrapping and other life cycle location tracking management, real-time inspection and management of fixed asset status.

2. One thing, one thing, realize clear asset management, and clearly judge the status of each fixed asset.

3. Level management, for different levels, administrators have different permissions.

4. The one-click batch batch processing function can quickly find and count fixed assets and improve the efficiency of asset management.

5. Illegal alarm function to prevent asset loss.6. Multi-dimensional report management function.

Advantages of RFID asset management:

It can realize rapid inventory and statistics of assets, and update asset location information in time; Users can enter asset information in batches to quickly realize automatic background association; Users can realize the retrospective management of the life cycle of fixed assets and allocate assets reasonably; Inventory through RFID handheld devices can improve the accuracy and ease of use of asset management data; RFID mobile phones can achieve secondary inventory of hundreds of assets within a range of 3-5 meters; The choice of RFID tags is very flexible, and the appropriate tags can be selected according to the asset type. RFID tags are maintenance-free, easy to install, and chip data can be maintained for more than 10 years. RFID asset management can realize the informatization, automation, networking, intelligence and flexibility of asset management, and improve work efficiency throughout the process; improve information transparency; reduce manual recording and statistical errors; early warning and timely asset return time and equipment Maintenance time can improve asset utilization.

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